VPS247 Server Module: Install


First, download the latest version of the module from the XDnet Downloads section here. You will need to register and “order” the module to access the download, this is all completely free and just enables us to get an idea on who are using the module.


Once you have downloaded the files extract them from the .zip and upload the files to the /modules/servers/vps247/ directory under your WHMCS installation.


Next open the config.php file in an editor of your choice and edit the following lines.

Enter your VPS247 API Key, this can be found in the vps247.com admin interface.

You can now set the VM name template, this is a string which defines how your customers VM names should be formatted. You can enter plain text here or a few variables and dates.

These are:

{clientid} – This is the clients ID

{productid} – This is the ID of the product.

{serviceid} – This is the id of the service (eg, the unique id for the VM service they have).

[date| X] – This is a clever function which enables you to use the date() function within the name, replace X with the characters you would normally use as described here for example “Ymd-H:i” will output the current date & time in the format of 20110226-16:30.

You MUST also create 2 custom fields for the product called “vmid” and “vmname” these are vital to the module working and are used to store the Virtual Machine ID (which is used to perform actions on the VM) and the VM Name.

Once this is done you should be ready to roll!

For support and feedback please email feedback@whmcsextra.com