v1.5 GoURLs WHMCS Module – Easy URL Shortening

We’re pleased to announce version 1.5 of  our GoURLs Easy URL Shortening Module!

The new module includes some new features such as customised redirect types and usability improvements.

New Features:

Custom Redirect Type:

The primary feature added in this release, and a much requested one at that, is customised redirect status.

You can now select the redirect type on the settings page (as seen above). This is the redirect header sent when redirecting from the short url, to the full url.

Order / Sort Functionality:

The new order/sort functions make it much easier to find existing short URLs, for example you can easily find the most clicked link easily.



We have also introduced paging to the urls listed. As well as the Previous & Next links at the bottom we have also included the WHMCS style “Jump to Page” to easily jump to pages.

Short Code Generation Limit:

In version 1.5 we have also introduced a short code generation limit which will prevent the risk of infinite loops if there are no available short codes. If a short code can not be generated within 1000 attempts the module will stop and return an error. If you are seeing this errors it is recommended that you increase the short code length.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed bug where created short URL wasn’t shown for random short codes.

For more information on the module, and details on how to install and use GoURLs please see the original post.

With this module you can easily setup a company short URL / Redirect system in under 5 minutes, quick and easy to manage. Simple – So why not get started today!

Owned Licenses are £15, this includes all future updates and 1 year ticket support. –Order Now!

Leased Licenses are £10/year and includes all updates and ticket support. – Order Now!

Existing customers can download the latest version from their XDnet client area.

GoURLs WHMCS Module – Easy URL Shortening

We are pleased to launch our new GoURLs WHMCS Module! This module enables you to easily setup and manage private URL shortners for your business website.

Many are now owning short URLs, or vanity urls such as Dropbox.com’s short dd.tt domain. These shorter snappier URLs can be very beneficial when linking on social sites with character limitations such as Twitter.

It also means you can shrink page long URLs into a short sweet link.

How to Install / Use:

This module is installed as any other Addon Module, simply copy the “gourls” directory and all it’s files into the /modules/addons/ directory in your WHMCS installation.

Once this is done the module should now appear under the Settings -> Addon Modules page, here you can “Activate” the module. This activation process will create the required database tables for the modules. Don’t forget to set the permissions options to allow your admin account access to the module.

You will need to ensure your short domain is pointing to the right place to work with the module.

You can use either a subdomain, such as go.xdnet.co.uk, or a full domain, like xdnet.eu.

For the next step all you need to do is simply set the Directory Root of the domain to “WHMCS/modules/addons/gourls/” this enables the GoURLs module to manage the redirection of short URLs. It will do this using the format of xdnet.eu/CODE the module allows for both automatic generated codes and custom.


This provides a very easy interface to manage your companies short urls from an easy to access interface, keeping it simple and easy.

You can also customise the GoURL using the settings page. This includes 3 key settings, which include:

Default URL, this is the URL which the script redirect to if the short code is invalid/not found. This must be a valid url, including http://.

Short URL, this is the domain which is used for the short links, such as http://xdnet.eu/. This should include http:// and a trailing /.

Short Code Length, this is the length of codes which are generated randomly. The random code generator generates a random string using numbers and letters. For small uses where you don’t expect to generate more than a few links you can safely select a low number such as 2 (1296 unique possibilities) or even 1 (36). However, it’s worth noting that while you may use less than the total possibilities, the way the script works it generates a code and checks if it’s taken and if it is regenerates until a unique code is generated. If you have a lot of links, and a low length it’s likely to generate the same code, and could cause many loops, of if unique possibilities run out, an infinite loop. This is BAD, so make sure you keep an eye on this if you are generating a lot of short URLs.


With this module you can easily setup a company short URL / Redirect system in under 5 minutes, quick and easy to manage. Simple.

Owned Licenses are £15, this includes all future updates and 1 year ticket support. – Order Now!

Leased Licenses are £10/year and includes all updates and ticket support. – Order Now!

VPS247 Server Module

We are pleased to release our first public module for WHMCS, the VPS247 Module enables easy integration with the vps247.com VPS platform and enables complete control over the Virtual Machines to enables easy provisioning and management of your customers VMs.


This module includes a huge variety of features and really takes advantage of the VPS247 API, and even uses some not yet documented API functions!

Features include:

– Create

– Terminate

– Stop

– Start

– Reboot

– Force Stop

– Return status (unfortunately this is currently returned as an “error” as WHMCS doesn’t support custom success messages on the Admin side)

– Update VM Info (this grabs the VM info and updates the WHMCS database, helpful for grabbing IPs, name and other info.)

Easy product setup, simply enter the Diskspace, Memory and Transfer limits and the OS template for the plan and you’re done.

Note: We are planning to enable “block resources” and more flexibility to enable the user to select the OS etc when ordering in the next release!

We also have a clever little option to “Try to use allocated (but free) IP first” this can be helpful for when IP’s have been allocated to your VPS247 account but aren’t used, so instead of trying to get a new one (which will give errors if you don’t have any spare) and will instead use your unallocated IP’s.

We have also included a nice user interface in the product details page which shows the user some helpful info on their VM as well as some basic controls for their VM (Stop/start/forcestop/restart) – As shown below.

We are very keen to keep up the development of this module and build on the features and functions and have and hope to continue working with VPS247.com to help this build and grow into a fantastic module and a brilliant VPS platform.

There are many key features on the roadmap for the module, including a fully custom management interface based on the code released by VPS247 enabling you to provide an easy white label VPS platform for your clients.

All feedback for this is very much appreciated and will aid future development. Email feedback@whmcsextra.com or leave a comment below!

Click here to get this module! (It does require registration to obtain a FREE license key)

For detailed install instructions please click here.